Zanzibar’da Ne Yapılır?

After short visits, I had a chance to go somewhere for long lasting. Now the route is Spain. I didn’t know this trip was going to be the most awkward trip of my life. Anyway, let’s go on!

I went to Spain in order to participate in the project that held on behalf of Erasmus+ KA229. We went from SAW(Sabiha Gokcen Airport) and it was little bit troubled. Because of water shortage in the plane we changed the plane due to pilot’s order. With 1.5 hour tardiness we arrived to Barcelona. We went to city centre with express service and then walked to our hotel. While walking, one person from our group was nearly be robbed. A person opened her bag while she was walking, put her hands in it, then our teacher noticed it and shout! Oiiiii! But then we learned another teacher from our group was  be robbed. Except these memories where did we visit in Barcelona? 

  • Barcelona Coast

Clean and nice beach. Good location. But of course my luck wasn’t with me. When we got there, there was a rain. 

  • Sagrada Familia

Monument of Barcelona. Masterpiece of Gaudi… You should visit there to watch and observe the architectural differences.

  • Park Güell

Again it’s raining…. Anyway, I couldn’t spend so much time there. But you can go there and see the stunning view of Barcelona.

  • La Boqueria

Hmmm. I can name here as bazaar. Lots of animal products are sold in here. The most awkward things was that pigeons were being sold as meat. You should pass here if you can’t bear with meat smell

Parc de la Ciutadella

Arc De Triomf is located in here. You can sit here and have a rest after a long walk.

  • Barcelona Cathedral

The most beatiful view from of Barcelona. When you go up with paying €3 you can have panoramic view of Barcelona.

Now I’m going to Madrid. Let’s see what’s waiting me in there. Till then..


Emirhan ÜNAL
Emirhan ÜNAL
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