Malaysia/ Part I
Malaysia Part III/Kuala Lumpur

Now, let’s take a look at the capital city of Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur… Actually for me, Kuala Lumpur was familiar. Because it’s so crowded, it’s like Istanbul. The traffic, malls etc. Firstly let’s check the transportation;

  •  Even though it has 2 airports, 1 is just for private jets. You’ll land on KL International Airport.
  • You can get here by train. You have two options; 1st class and  2nd class and price difference about x2.5. It’ s so hard to find a ticket for 2nd class.

Public Transportation

  1. Of course you can take “Grab” or “Uber”. But if you don’t want to mess with traffic, it’d be wisely to use public transportation.
  2. For the Subway, the classic one. Rapid KL.
  3. I didn’t use buses… So I don’t really have any idea.

I’ll mention little bit about places that I recommend

–  Islamic Arts Museum. 3floored museum. For the students entrance fee is 7 RM and for adults it 14 RM.

– Near here there are KL Bird Park ve Butterfly Park. Entrance fee for Bird is nearly 60 RM and for the Butterfly is 15-20.

–If you are interested in Islamic architecture you can visit Putrajaya Mosque and Zeynel Abidin Mosque.

I don’t want to make my blogs so long so I decided to separate Kuala Lumpur parts in two. I’ll continue my Malaysia blogs of course. Till then take care. 


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Emirhan ÜNAL
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