Malaysia Part II/ Kuala Lumpur
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In this part I will give general informations about Malaysia. As I said before the capital city is Kuala Lumpur and country’s population is nearly 32 million and includes 13 states. Currency is “Ringgit”. Formal language is Malay. Even though official religion is Islam, various religions can live in peace in Malaysia. Their phone code +60. Aaannndd about the climate…. So hot and humid.

Anyway, let’s a take look about Kuala Lumpur sign places. I mentioned about some mosques now I’ll write about some Hindu Temples;


  • Batu Caves

Malaysia is known because of that temple maybe.  Giant golden-colored statue is waiting for you. The temple was built inside the cave. You should climb hundreds of stairs to reach the cave. You’ll face with lots of monkeys while climbing and I warn you to take care of your belongings. Incense is so dense in here. Your headache can annoy you.

  • Thean Hou Temple

Dragon  Temple. Because variety of religion is so high in Malaysia, there are lots of temple type in here. Thaoism… In it’s garden there are animals which belong to China calendar. About the temple, first floor is conference hall.

  • Royal Malaysian Police Museum

History of Malaysian Police Department. I am not about whether this place is so necessary for you to visit. If you have enough time, then why not?

  • China Town

Classical China town. Take a tour inside of it. But keep your wallet safe.

  • Merdeka Square

One of the places that I liked most. Architecture of this place is coming from Europe. It’s because once upon that building was used by British officers.

  • Petronas Twin Towers

Make final big. Petronas Twin Towers. Longest towers in Malaysia. You can have a city view up in there. Anyway, you can make shopping in KLCC and for tech shopping take a look at Lowyat.

In my next blog I’ll write about Langkawi. Till then take care. 

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