Malaysia Part IV Langkawi Part II

Finally, we’re coming to end of the long trip. Everything has an end. Anyway, lets talk about another island ; Penang

Unlike Langkawi this island is connect with the land via bridge. 225-meter long bridge is the second longest bridge in Southeast Asia. Except highway, you can reach island via airway and railway also. Now I’ll write about the sightseeing places;


This Budhist temple’s constructioın was started at about early 19s. Also the giant statue’s construction is under maintenance. Unfortunately we couldn’t enter that area. Except these, temples and gardens are connected with stairs I don’t recommend you to go that places aat noon. You’d tired and be thirsty. 


The difference of this temple is just one thing. As you can predict from it’s name that it has temples inside the temple. I can not argue whether it’s ethical or not. But that snakes we drugged. You can be taken photos for 40 RM. Good place for interested ones.


Let’s come to astonishing view. The transportation is provided with train-like vehicle.  You can go up and down. There are some cafes up there. You can freshen yourself while enjoying the view. Now I’ll mention about the most tiring and enjoyable activityt. You need to get into train if you want to go down but we tried to go down by feet because the queue of the train was so long. Because the times is 19.10 and sunset would be in 19.30 we tried to run down as fastest we can. We are lucky enough to find a path for trekking lovers. What a path! Roots, insects… When we reached the 300 meters our feet were shaking. Then we got that train from there.


Çok olumlu yorumlar yapamayacağım bir yerdeyiz şimdi de. Son ses Bollywood müzikleri, ağır baharat kokusu, daracık sokaklar ve mağazalar… Çok fazla kuyumcu olması Hintlilerin takıya olan düşkünlüklerinin bir göstergesi. Zaten mağazaların çoğunluğu da giysi ve takıdan oluşuyor. Eğer kınadan hoşlanıyorsanız mutlaka uğramanız gereken bir yer.


My Malaysia adventure has come to an end. Maybe in the next travels…. 

Best wishes,

Emirhan ÜNAL
Emirhan ÜNAL
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