Short Sweden Trip

Prague… Best place to go for the ones who seek to walk through the history… Each building, each street are worth to see and give a minute. I went Prague for a contest and have a limited time to see around.

Before going to Prague, you’d read from the blogs that are mentioning  about Prague say it’s “too cheap”. Yes, it is. In the city centre every shop based on Euro so that doesn’t mean anything. Public transportation is comfortable and I think you don’t need to rent a car. Every transportation can be handled easily(airport to hotel, to city centre or anywhere) Let’s talk about the places I visited.


I entered the city centre via Oldtown. It’s very exciting to see historical building and their details. History is preserved in any way. While hanging around I came across with Kafka’s statue. You can come up with new comments. Unfortunately about the Jewish street, they were all closed due to time. We went soooo late…

Astronomical Clock

My biggest disappointment in Prague… Astronomical Clock. It was under reconstruction when went there. So I missed everything I assume. Anyway, the Churches which are located in Oldtown Square are transformed to operas.

Actually, I don’t want to mention about places which I visited. You can find other from other blogs… I’d like to mention about children education. How it’s done in Prague etc.

 I’m not a preschool teacher, but the differences are visible. First, children need to be involved in technology. This should not be in the form of let the tablet / phone play hand in hand. Unfortunately, the child can download games on the phone / tablet is seemed as a technology prodigy.

I participated in 3 competitions in Europe and the same was the same in all three. Parents (especially fathers spend a lot of time with their children) have brought their babies  and they examine robots with them.

You can see the project of a 12-13 year old child as well as the project of a doctoral student. The excitement, interest, surprise in the eyes of children is worth seeing.  In a competition held in the Czech Republic, when I asked the number of visitors, they said that there were more than 700 and more than half of them were children. 

Emirhan ÜNAL
Emirhan ÜNAL
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