Barselona/İspanya Part I

Let’s go to the Romania. With the purpose of participating to the compete we went to the Bucharest. Trams, drivers pressing the horn and ambulance sirences never lasts…. Even if it sounds like sound pollution, it generates the Bucharests atmosphere. I won’t make a list about “Where you should visit?” because there is no much place to visit in Bucharest. Just memories and observations. Aaand the RoboChallenge.

Day 1

We flew with 08.15 plane to Romania. Airport was really small but people were fast. We visited to university that’d held the competition. When we ask about some place to go to the people everbody were so good, warm-blooded and trying everything to do. We searched for hotel for a day. With the help of a good person we made it. We were really tired, never visited anywhere, just sit and studied for a presentation.

Day 2

Presentation studies never lasted. Work, work, work… Through the afternoon we went out and went to the OldTown. We visited Ortodox and Catholic churches. There was a  Palatul Parlamentului which is the biggest government building after The White House. Made in time of Chavushevsku. But we didn’t have a chance to visit there. We went to university. After the opening ceremony, we went to our hotel.

Day 3

The big day. Mega-mini sumos, line-followes and a bobot… Servo sounds were coming from everywhere. I went to the hotel because some pieces needed. I had a chance to walk alone in Bucharest streets. Anyway, lets come to presentations. Was good shortly. So tired, lets go to the hotel.


Emirhan ÜNAL
Emirhan ÜNAL
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