Madrid/İspanya Part II

I went on a little trip to Sweden this weekend. Although I cannot do much, I think that my observations are enough for me. Firstly Sweden is an expensive place. You should know that because before you go, you need to do your planning. I went to Gothenburg. From there, let me briefly talk about my observations;

A Clean City

The inner streets are very clean. The inner streets mean more neighborhoods and streets where their citizens live. No horn sounds, no trash, cars are extremely quiet and people are calm. When you go to places where life is a little more alive, you are faced with trash and fast life. People are not very poor, or very rich. Of course, compared to our country, you think they are very rich, but it is not. Unlike the EU, they use only their own currencies. (SEK / Swedish Krona)

Gothenburg Art Museum

I have good news. If you are under 25 years of age, you can enter the museum and all new exhibitions open for free. We had the opportunity to see Chiharu Shiota’s work with ropes. I’d say don’t miss it if you can. In addition, read the articles on the screens placed inside the rooms. During the Renaissance period, you will have an idea of how far the art has progressed and what techniques artists use.

Gothenburg Museum of Natural History

I didn’t get a chance to see this place, but the park is terribly big. If you have time, sit abundantly and enjoy yourself. I won’t be able to write much about it. You can click on this link for more information.

Overall Review;

I wasn’t supposed to go there for a travel. That’s why I didn’t have much opportunity to go around. We attended the organization held at Chalmers University and let me explain my observations there. (The university is extremely great. Whether it be its architecture, its campus, its students ..) First, people are very interested and are eager to help you. Instant and warm-blooded answers. The eyes always on you(in a positive way). You understand that people are asking for information, not for just asking. Seconldy,  parent give lots of importace to their children. Like “Don’t! Stop! It’s not bad! How many people can come to the robotics exhibition with their 4-5 year old children?Not uch. But here, children of all ages come with their parents and even compete. No blocking. Children are trained at this age. Finally, people are friendly. Even if this smiling face is a physical adjective, so are its personalities. I don’t know if they are happy or very rich (they call Singapore expensive) but they are satisfied with what they have.


Painted bricks of buildings. I guess they don’t feel the need for painting again. There is a busy tram line, which is well kept.

I hope you don’t fall for your business, but try to visit CARLANDERSKA Hospital. It’s more like a place of tranquility than a castle. I can’t describe it, but I’d say it’s the ideal environment for a patient.

Let me conclude by summarizing the most effective event. People are caring happy, friendly. There is no Snellman effect, but it is a place of sampling.

Stay happy…

Emirhan ÜNAL
Emirhan ÜNAL
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