Zanzibar Blog 2019

Everything was so fast. I had been waiting for e-mail to be replied for 3 months. But anything had happened till that night. I had received […]


After short visits, I had a chance to go somewhere for long lasting. Now the route is Spain. I didn’t know this trip was going to […]


Prague… Best place to go for the ones who seek to walk through the history… Each building, each street are worth to see and give a […]

Short Sweden Trip

I went on a little trip to Sweden this weekend. Although I cannot do much, I think that my observations are enough for me. Firstly Sweden […]

Romania RoboChallenge 2017

Let’s go to the Romania. With the purpose of participating to the compete we went to the Bucharest. Trams, drivers pressing the horn and ambulance sirences […]

Malaysia Part V/Penang

Finally, we’re coming to end of the long trip. Everything has an end. Anyway, lets talk about another island ; Penang Unlike Langkawi this island is […]

Malaysia Part IV Langkawi Part II

I mentioned that I was going to talk about Langkawi. Especially about Mangrove Tour. The first time I went to Langkawi, I didn’t have much time […]

Malaysia Part III/Kuala Lumpur

In this part I will give general informations about Malaysia. As I said before the capital city is Kuala Lumpur and country’s population is nearly 32 […]

Malaysia Part II/ Kuala Lumpur

Now, let’s take a look at the capital city of Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur… Actually for me, Kuala Lumpur was familiar. Because it’s so crowded, it’s like […]

Malaysia/ Part I

Now, it’s time to have  a flight about 8200 kms. In this part I’ll just mention about the most touristic part of Malaysia; Langkawi. Its name […]