Zanzibar’da Sosyal Yaşam
Müzik ve Karantina

Everything was so fast. I had been waiting for e-mail to be replied for 3 months. But anything had happened till that night. I had received an e-mail which was saying to me I am going to Zanzibar.

Some people have difficulty while pronouncing Zanzibar because they have never heard about it. Let me explain briefly. Zanzibar is an island which self-governing state of Tanzania. It is located in Africa, the ecuador line. I wasn’t expecting Zanzibar to be that beatiful. It is tropical heaven. I’ll try to delineate.

When I got in the plane from Istanbul, the weather was 3oC. That’s why I was wearing shirt and pants. When we landed and the plane opened it’s doors I was startled. The weather was 23oC at 02.00 a.m!

Fruit and Spice Gardens

Ok, let me describe some of their places. Firstly, I’d like talk about spice and fruit gardes. One of the most touristic places in Zanzibar. It is run by Tanzanian government. While you are wandering around, you can explore how they are growth and and harvested. You can collect them from braches and taste them. Please, when you go there wonder everything. Ask the employers “What is this?”, “Can I taste it?”, “Can I touch it?”. Smell, crumble, taste everything what you get in your hand. Don’t worry, you’ll not be damaged unlike you’ll learn a lot.

At the end of the tour ask them to serve fruits. It’ll be fully free. And also if you don’t like the hat, will be given, you can get another one. They will make a better one.

Sandbank Island

Now, I am coming to best place of the Zanzibar. If you heard anything about Zanzibar, it’d probably be Sandbank. An island made of fully sand… Our hotel was located in Kizimkazi and boats will lift of there. Don’t forget to bargain about price and take your sun-cream and raincoat. It can rain while in the ocean and you’ll be get even if you haven’t swum yet(Experineced!) There will be no sum-umbrella in the island and the Sun will be up of you. Here is Zanzibar, where the ozone layer is punctured. Before arriving to island, you’ll stop in the middle of the ocean and you’ll have a chance to snorkel for seeing coral reefs. Please be careful for sea-urchinsa and don’t forget to take your belongings with you. You’ll probably eat fruit in the island. Before it, say to to your guides to take fish. With the fish they take, you’ll taste them while your feet in the water.

Monkey Island

While returning from the island you’ll visit the “Monkey Island”. The wonder of the Nature! The place where red monkeys in all over the world!

Dolphin Bay Resorts

Even if it is hotel, the coast is open to anyone. Go there at sunset. You’ll be amazed!


The Fifth Avenue of Zanzibar where urbanization happens. You can buy souvenirs from there, visit the slavery museum.

The Rock Restaurant

A restaurant at the middle of the ocean. Not in the island, just on the rock. That’s why it’s called like that.

Emirhan ÜNAL
Emirhan ÜNAL
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